Dyer Vineyard Syrah Rosé


Dyer Vineyard Syrah Rosé

The Dyer Vineyard is situated on a sunny, northwest hillside of Carneros in the Southern part of Napa Valley, where the climate is relatively cool and the fruit ripens slowly and evenly. The sloped, well draining soils are composed of clay loam, and the vines recieve minimal irrigation. These are ideal conditions for the Napa Cellars 2016 100% Syrah Rosé.


The Napa Cellars 2016 Syrah Rosé showcases intense and ripe aromas of cranberry and citrus rind. The wine is complimented by delicioius flavors of just-ripe strawberry, raspberry, hints of fig, and a floral mid-palate. This well structured wine has bright, well structured acidity and refreshing, non-biting crispness. For a delicious meal, pair the Napa Cellars 2016 Syrah Rose’ with prosciutto and melon, or toasts topped with tapenade, mashed garlic, and salt.


The grapes for the 2016 Syrah Rosé are handpicked and crushed immediately. The must is put through a 24 hour cold soak, followed by four to six days of fermentation on the skins and finally pressed. The seven to ten day maceration period helps to steer clear of excessive seed tannin extraction, and the saignée bleed method increases the intensity in this wine. The wine is fermented and aged in stainless steel.

Dyer Vineyard Syrah Rosé