Carneros Syrah


Carneros Syrah

Dyer Vineyard is situated on a sunny, northwest hillside of Carneros in the southern part of Napa Valley, where the climate is relatively cool and the fruit ripens slowly and evenly. The soil is composed of clay loam, the slopes provide great drainage, and the vines receive minimal irrigation—ideal conditions for the Napa Cellars 2014 Dyer Syrah.


Despite continuing dry conditions, the 2013 vintage exhibited fruit of exceptional quality. Smaller grape clusters on the vine delivered more concentrated flavor in the final wine.


The grapes for the 2014 Dyer Syrah were handpicked and crushed immediately. The must was cold soaked for 24 hours prior to fermentation on the skins for four to six
days. Once pressed, an eight day maceration period helped to eliminate excessive tannin extraction from the seeds. The saignée method of bleeding off some of the pressed wine imparts vivid intensity in the remaining wine. This Syrah was aged exclusively in French oak—40 percent of which was new—for 19 months.

Carneros Syrah